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Miceli Oldfield Sinton Architects (MOS) are a Melbourne based design practice committed to the realisation of contemporary buildings that respond to the challenges of the urban landscape and the requirements of the modern Australian lifestyle.

The practice was established by Director Max Miceli as UrbanWorks Group in 1997, and with the introduction of Directors Mark Sinton and Richard Oldfield, has been operating as MOS Architects since 2011.

Drawing on the range of skills and experience of our professional team, we work in close consultation with our clients to achieve the best possible outcome for each project. Our architectural vision is based on function, context, climate, sustainability and design integrity, and is expressed in a contemporary language inspired by paramount design principles combined with the latest technology.

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Max Miceli:

When you work daily at your craft, and embrace the discipline of our profession you become articulate.

For me there is no division between the exploration of ideas in architecture and ideas in the arts. One medium creates possibilities for the others.

This approach applies to all aspects of architectural design.

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Richard Oldfield:

Architecture is not about finding a compromise between the pragmatic and aesthetic. It is finding a response that fulfils a practical need, whilst maintaining an inherent elegance and beauty.

Developing a sound understanding of our clients’ needs and expectations underpins our approach, however the best solution is not always the obvious one. Sometimes it is necessary to think outside of the box, explore possibilities, and push boundaries and expectations to achieve the best possible outcome. By engaging and communicating with our client, the design process becomes a shared experience.

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Mark Sinton:

You’ll often find me buried under a sea of yellow trace and diagrams, seeking to release the lock and write the first line to every story. Architecture is like music. The spark is created by an inherent wonderment and a relentless pursuit of meaning through experience, rigour and autonomous expression.

Architecture is like your favourite song. It stays with you forever, always giving, always revealing a layer and building a place of reverie and shelter.