Belfast Rd. Brunswick
Belfast Rd. Brunswick
Belfast Rd. Brunswick

Project Brief

Extension and renovation of an existing 2 bedroom weatherboard single storey home to cater for an expanding family with one work-from-home parent.

A design strategy of retaining the roof form and much of the exterior of the original house was employed to preserve the heritage of the dwelling, and to simplify construction.

Renovation of the interior of the original house converted the existing living room into a 3rd bedroom, and the existing kitchen converted to a bathroom and an en-suite.

A later addition was removed, and a new extension was added to the rear of the site containing a study/retreat, laundry and an open living area and kitchen, linked by a wide, splayed passageway with provision for future fit out as a library. This space also acts as an alternative entry foyer from the side street, maintaining privacy to the sleeping zones.

A lower floor level to the new wing allowed for the building form to project from below the roof of the original house, creating a clear distinction between the Edwardian heritage of the old, and the contemporary design of the new. This approach also allowed for Northern sunlight to penetrate into the living area, located at the South of the site.

The project incorporated a range of environmental features, including solar hot water, rain tanks connected to w.c’s, double glazing and high level insulation.

Photography by Hin Lim.

Belfast Rd. Brunswick

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